Thai Head Massage

Massage that includes upper body, head and neck is called a Thai Head Massage. This massage helps to release all the toxins and tension that have gathered in tissues, joints of head, neck, face, shoulders and muscles. The therapist makes use of various movements including thorough kneading and techniques of compression over the neck, head and shoulder blades areas. It also includes massage on the energy lines and provoking the pressure points that appear around the head. The massage is accomplished with a easing neck and shoulder and upper back massage to release any remaining tension and release toxins.

Thai head massage is an appropriate tension busting treatment for anyone going through aching shoulders, stiff neck, insomnia, eye strain, tension headache, poor concentration or problems while sleeping. It is completely simple and safe and an effective type of massage therapy known for its tension relieving characteristics. The treatment can be provided completely covered and even without a treatment table as well. It is both unique and non-invasive and hence it is appropriate for anyone, even pregnant women and seniors.

Along with the use of established or traditional techniques of Thai massage, it also brings different techniques from the age old Indian head massage. Apart from out physical structure there is another commonly invisible subtle structure that is Chakra. The energy Chakra corresponds to various glands that associate to particular parts of the body and also to parts of psychological and spiritual development. Activating these energy centers and channels to work at their maximum efficiency offer an effective way to eliminate sickness and promote a good sense of a well being. It is important balance to this Chakra to keep up our health.

Advantages of a Thai Head Massage

1. Treatment to stress, mental tension and anxiety

2. Performs on Chakra balancing.

3. Easing the respiratory system.

4. Enhances blood circulation to the neck and head.

5. Enhancing productivity alertness and concentration.

6. Enhances muscle nourishment that helps for a good hair growth.