Different Kinds of Massage Patterns


Massage has been developed into different ways over all these years, it is one of the ancient medical practices. Chinese used to apply pressure in specific parts of the body to create the effects of healing. In Stone Age people usually massaged parts of their body that had sore or pain. There are various advantages of massage but all the massages are not the same. Massage is used to cure stress and pain in different countries and cultures, so every country and culture has developed their own kind of massage.


In 200 AD, Chinese developed one of the ancient well-known massage forms. Vital points in the body are used in this type of massage to cure particular areas of the body. These massages always focus on particular areas of the body like hands and feet. Theoretically, the feet has lot of pressure points, when you focus on one you hear other parts of the body like heart, liver and some other parts as well.


Another variation of this massage is when they make use of hand, they are similar to feet massage because they target specific parts of the body to give an effect of healing. Shiatsu massage is another type of oriental massage. This type of massage has been there for many centuries even before the introduction of Chinese massage therapy but at first it was referred as Shiatsu in the book Shiatsu Rhoyo by Tenpaku Tamai in 1915.


The focus of Shiatsu massage is in applied pressure through the fingers. Theoretically, the therapist makes use of his or her fingers, palms and thumbs to provide recovery. The hands of the therapist are also used to assist in identifying imbalances in the energy of the subject which appears in the form of soreness, drowsiness and other symptoms. Many universities have reviewed the effectiveness of this type of massage and it was found that it helps in removing the stress and pain in muscle. An independent study in 2007 showed that there were long term advantages for reduction in joint and muscle pain and stress reduction.